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Love of Stones

I absolutely love all the beautiful stones mother earth creates. Every stone has its own energetic blueprint. crystals-1567953_1920

As a holistic practitioner I use the magic of stones/crystals to help harmonize the human energy field, cleans my surroundings, balance the chakras or simply add beauty and color to my space.  I find that we are attracted to the stones we need most or what resonates with our energy at the time. Just yesterday,  I was explaining the energy and benefits of Sodalite to a client of mine. My client was attracted to that stone so of course I shared that Sodalite treats the throat and voice among other areas. She looked at me with her eyes wide open as though completed shocked. She asked, “what did you say?” I explained again… She said, “oh my goodness, I have a soar throat, my throat has been hurting.” Yes, I mentioned sometimes we are attracted to what we need the most.  Of course I could have also said that Sodalite treats the mind to eliminate confusion, opens intuition, and much more but that is not what my intuition brought forth for this client.

There are too many stones to mention but if you are interested in knowing more about the energy of stones and how they can assist with your daily life, feel free to visit my store on ETSY where I have a wide variety of items and stones.

Enjoy this beauty day, live in the moment, pick up a stone and connect with mother earth.

With Love and Light



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