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Be like the Rila Spring, Part 5/7

When he took us with him on a climb, the Master loved very much to discover springs, and he would ask us to clean them. How I enjoyed removing twigs, dead leaves and sand so that the water could bubble up freely once again! Purity, said the Master, brings us joy.

When he asked us to clean up these springs he was hoping, in fact, that we would do much inner work, since so many springs within us need to have all their impurities removed so that the water of life can burst forth!

Our psychic bodies are purified by our thoughts and feelings
And when he spoke to us of the purity of water, it would lead on to talking about the purity of blood, but not just the blood that circulates in our physical bodies. In our psychic bodies too there are fluids circulating which are the equivalent of blood, and they, too, need to be purified by our thoughts and our feelings.

That must have been the reason why he had had the spring not far from our camp specially channelled. There, the water poured out of a great block of rock which some brothers had carved like the bow of a ship, and it then flowed down onto a bed of very white flat stones, ending in a pair of cupped hands carved in marble.

Be like this Spring!!
Even today everybody can drink from this spring of pure water offered to them by the hands.

On the left side of the rock is carved an anchor, a symbol of hope, which the Master had also made the symbol of the Brotherhood. On the right side of the rock is written the following inscription:

‘Brothers and sisters,
fathers and mothers,
friends and strangers,
teachers and students,
all you who are servants of life,
open your hearts to goodness,
be like this spring!’

There are also some symbolic pictures carved in the rock. At the time when the Master had arranged for the spring to be like this, he asked me to paint the anchor blue, but he did not tell me why.

But let’s return to the topic of the spring. There is no more important or deeper symbol than that of the spring. With these few words carved in the rock, the Master is speaking to everyone when he says, ‘Be like this spring.’ Why? Because a spring never stops bubbling and flowing. And love is the pure, transparent spring in us that must never stop bubbling and flowing. Whatever happens to us and whatever anybody does to us, nothing must ever prevent that spring from flowing.

How many people decide to close themselves off from others as soon as they find they have been disappointed! You must never do that! Before, even if you were disappointed, your spring was flowing and you were the first to benefit from this love bubbling up inside you.

Being disappointed is not so very serious; the most important thing is to have love living within you. Whereas if you let your spring dry up, you may perhaps not be disappointed, it is true, but you will lose love and you will start to dry up.

Creating a link to the heavenly fountainhead
It is not enough, of course, to look at a spring or to drink its water to make the spring bubble up in us. We must create a link through prayer and thought to the heavenly fountainhead, God, who made us in his image. And then, one day, a spring will bubble up and manifest as purity in our heart and as light in our mind, and our soul will expand to the furthermost boundaries of the universe, and when this spring bubbles in our spirit we will become all-powerful.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

To be continued

Life with the Master Peter Deunov – Autobiographical Reflections, Vol 2
Chapter 13 Summer in the Rila mountains

Autobiographical Reflections of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov covers the period from 1917, the year he met Master Peter Deunov, to 1937, the year he left Bulgaria for France.

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Idolize, Not Me


I have never been one to idolize another. I am not one to fall at another´s feet or express devotion. No, that simply is not me. What I will do is smile and look within your Soul but not in a creepy way.  I will respect you and acknowledge your gifts. I will admire your dedication and courage to follow your path. I will offer recognition for the Being that you are. I will give you the space to evolve. I will see in you what I see in me; a majestic Being. Namaste, M



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Our physical body constrains our spirit, Part 1 of 5

Edgar Cayce

‘The human spirit is omniscient and all-powerful and participates in all that happens in the universe, but as men’s organs are not yet sufficiently developed to transmit the experiences of the spirit to their consciousness, they themselves neither know nor feel any of this.

It is the physical body that has to be strengthened, not the spirit
You will ask, “What should we do, then? Should we try to strengthen, enlighten and educate our spirit?” No, it is the physical body that has to be strengthened, purified, spiritualized and rendered divine.

We must take care to give our physical body only pure food and drink, pure air, the pure rays of the sun and all that is purest and best in the way of forms, colours, sounds, music and perfume.

The spirit is indestructible, a spark from God
The spirit does not need any of those things; like God, the spirit is everywhere; it is omniscient and omnipresent. It is our matter that has to be cared for and transformed, and in doing this, we shall be giving our spirit a better chance of manifesting itself in all its splendour.’

Spiritualists often think that it is the spirit that must be purified and ennobled and that they may neglect and even despise the physical body. They think that if the spirit manifests itself imperfectly on the physical level it is because it is imperfect and needs to be developed, strengthened and purified.

No, the spirit is made of subtle, luminous, indestructible material; it is eternal, a spark from God; it does not need to be instructed or improved.

The spirit is imprisoned by the constraints of our physical body
This is very clear in the phenomenon of clairvoyance, for instance. Take the example of the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce. He was an ordinary man with very little formal education and yet, when he was in a hypnotic trance, he showed that he had immense knowledge in all kinds of subjects such as medicine and history.

Once he came out of his trance, however, he could remember nothing about what he had seen, and this shows that when the spirit of even the most ordinary human being is given the opportunity to escape from the constraints of the physical body in which it is imprisoned, it becomes omniscient.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, July 19, 1975