Golden Age Messages from the Masters

through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

Creating a New Earth ~ March 2018

At this most auspicious time of the Vernal Equinox, Easter and Resurrection of the Christed aspect of your Divine Presence that has been waiting to be actualized for eons, you are standing on the brink of the most glorious time of your lives. For this is the beginning of a magnificent cycle, a true new beginning that will bring forth all you have been dreaming of. In the coming days there will be great waves of Love and Light from the Great Central Sun that will usher in your New Earth and a new Golden Age of Freedom. This is the time you have been waiting for.

~ The Councils of Shamballa

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This time has been seeded within the very cellular structure of your body, deep in your bones and remembered in your soul as the time you have embodied on Earth to be part of the Great Awakening and liberation of humanity that has been enslaved in limitation. Many of you will feel a resonance deep with your being as you read these words.

You may ask, “What is my part in this great unfolding?” What is the role I have come to play in actualizing this New Earth? Many of you already know the answer.

Your part, Beloved, is to hold the knowing deep in your heart of hearts of this Great Event as you take your place in the great Light Brigade that is consciously, daily building this reality into physical form. Do not allow yourself to be distracted or dismayed by the apparent seemingly opposite events taking place on the 3rd dimension, for it is simply the old way playing itself out as it works its way into oblivion.

Keep your eye firmly focused on the new Earth as it takes form before you. Envision yourself walking in this beautiful unlimited 5th dimensional world where there is no fear, poverty, conflict, war, dis-ease or even death.


Imagine it! Feel what it will feel like to live in this new world, a true Golden Age of peace and plenty, cooperation, mutual empowerment and abundance. A world where all life is honored, respected and celebrated. A world where everyone knows they are a treasured son or daughter of Mother/Father God. A world where everyone knows they have a valuable role to play and their hearts are filled with passion to contribute their part.

Imagine a world where everyone feels good and celebrates their true freedom. Imagine a world where everyone dances and sings with great deLIGHT. Imagine a world where unconditional Love is the norm and everyone feels part of the larger community. Imagine a world with clean water, rivers, lakes, streams and oceans. Imagine the air pristine and pure. Imagine your lands restored back to their original fertile soil that produces healthy, nutritious, delicious food that creates radiant health.

For as you imagine this new Earth, this new Golden Age of Freedom, and feel yourself enjoying and living in this 5th dimensional paradise, you, Beloveds, are part of the Lightworkers all over the world that are consciously creating this new world and this magnificent new future.

We ask that you add your voice to co-creating this new Earth. Spend time every day envisioning, feeling and living in this new world. And this, Beloveds, is the future you will soon celebrate, knowing you have played a pivotal role in bringing it about. Now is the time!