World Peace Meditation

Step by step meditation instructions

  1. Create a space in your home or office that is serene and comfortable. (free of clutter and distractions)
  2. Get into comfortable clothing if possible. (yoga pants, sweats, loose clothing, whatever is comfortable for you)
  3. Light a white candle and sage if you have available. (Please use common sense and safety so no harm come to you or your loved ones)
  4. If you have not meditated before or have a very active mind, Put some soft spa music (if you have available). This will help free your mind as you focus on the music. If you don´t have music, you will be focusing on your heart beat.
  5. Sit in a comfortable position in front of the candle and sage.
  6. You may close your eyes or gaze into the candle light as you do the following:

Imagine your feet touching the sand, water or favorite earth place. (You may also use grounding crystals/stones around you as needed) I do. For those of you who practice Reiki you know what you can do.

Picture the white candle light surrounding you.

Listen to the music or feel your heart beat as you begin to take deep breaths and exhale slowly. (Do this 3 times)

Set your intention by saying the following:

¨In alignment with Divine Source and for the greatest good of all, I send energy of love for peace and healing around the world. I ask those who wish to receive to open their Mind, Heart and Soul to this energy. This energy is Divine and of the Purest Form. 

Once you have set your intention, sit quietly, clear your mind once more, and then imagine a golden string of light connecting us all.  Begin to send unconditional love, feel the love in the depth of your heart (Don´t be alarmed if you start crying). Then Imagine, people laughing and dancing with joy, imagine people helping each other, imagine people holding hands, imagine people being kind and loving towards each other. Imagine people living in peace and unity. Then picture the cleansing of our oceans, rivers, lakes etc… Picture the cleansing of our earth and air. Feel the freshness and purity as you breath in and out. Take time to experience the love and joy as you are surrounding by kindness, generosity and cooperation of the people around you. Sense the love, peace and healing.

When you are ready… Focus on your heart beat again, Notice your breathing in the hear and now, start wiggling your toes and fingers. You feel your body. You are still surrounding by light. Feel the water, sand or earth under your feet. Slowly begin to open your eyes and focus on the light once more.

Give Gratitude for your energy and intention of love, peace and healing to all. It has been received.

Get up slowly and drink some water, wash your hands and sprinkle some water on your face. You are happy, you are at peace, you have also received healing.

Love and Light,

By Maria Magdalena