Soul Reading

Soul Reading via the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is an energetic field of  information located outside of space and time. It is the Universe Cloud or hard drive filled with knowledge and wisdom. Every person’s Soul record consists of every thought, action and expression ever created since our Divine Creation.

We access the Akashic Records to…

  • disclose where your Soul Originated and who your Soul Group is.
  • identify and clear outdated Vows and Soul Contracts.
  • discover your Gifts and Natural Abilities.
  • help you Heal from past life traumas.
  • facilitate your Spiritual Awakening.
  • share Divinely guided Knowledge, Wisdom and much more.

Discovering  who we are provides a blue print and the opportunity to be more aligned with our true nature.  An Akashic Record Soul Reading helps us understand and fully comprehend how the choices of the past have shaped our life or current situation. We can begin to identify energy blocks within our Soul that cause challenges and our ability to reach our highest potential. When we fully understand the role we play in shaping our reality, we can begin to heal, have balance in our life, access our gifts, and experience joy and happiness.

Prepare to have a life changing experience.

Akashic Record – Soul Reading & Clearing – One Hour Consultation

You will receive a one hour consultation to discuss the Akashic Records findings. Including your Soul Origination, Soul Unique Characteristics, Natural Gifts and Abilities, Identify and Clearing of 3-5 Energetic Blocks and more. You will have the opportunity to ask questions within 24 hours of consultation.


Please fill out the appointment questionnaire after reserving an appointment by completing purchase.  Appointment Questionnaire


What causes energy blocks?

Energy Block are the result of past or current life choices made that are not in alignment with our true nature. One of the most valuable gifts we have is the freedom of choice, with every choice there is a positive or negative affect known as Karma or the law of cause and affect.

Channeled message that explains how our energy is affected by past choices, karma and several other factors. Click here

Who can access the Akashic Records?

Anyone who practices mindful thinking, meditates or has increased their energetic vibration via a number of spiritual practices can access the Akashic Records. There are also trained professionals like us who can access the Akashic Records to help clear energetic blocks, share soul blueprint information and provide much wisdom and knowledge. Akashic Records professionals receiving an attunement, training and certification.

Famous people who accessed the Akashic Records:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Nicola Tesla
  • Nostradamus
  • Rudolph Steiner
  • Mary Baker Eddy
  • Edgar Cayce


The reading allowed me to connect all the pieces that I had gathered, as if it was a puzzle that I was putting together. A puzzle of me. It brought clarity and allowed me to make sense of my journey. It gave me the clarity to move forward and unlock me from where I had been stuck. It provided me with reassurance of things that I knew but could not fully understand. As of the Akashic Reading I am one step closer to evolving into the being which I have always been but was not consciously aware of. I have a much greater and deeper understanding of my self and more importantly I have obtain an attunement with my soul. From the bottom of my heart and soul, I want to thank you!!! Receive from me a wave of energy and connection. Namaste!!! – Cynthia