Structured Water Products

Learn more about this advanced water technology that is easy to install, costs nothing to run and requires no maintenance.

What is Structured Water?

Water is constantly moving in nature as it tumbles over rocks, flows through rivers and cascades over waterfalls. This movement ‘structures’ water and maintains vitality through forming a balanced vortex motion which stimulates cell life in all living things.

The research team of Natural Action Technologies discovered that processed water from taps, bottles and filters becomes un-structured and the quality of the water is significantly reduced. This means that the regular water we drink is unstructured, unbalance and therefore is not of the highest energetic and structural quality.

Why is this important?

If you are not familiar with Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work, Dr. Emoto studied water and learned that our thoughts can influence water and has profound implications, not only for our own health but for the well-being of our planet. Dr. Emoto’s laboratory took pictures of water crystals and learned that positive intentions, words, music, vibrations affect water beautifully, on the other hands, negative intentions, words, music, vibrations affect water negatively and uglily.

Our families deserve balanced water for proper nourishment.

This is important because we know that water is conscious and reacts to our surroundings and processes. When we take our water and put it through a series of filters, remove minerals, then add minerals and things like fluoride and chlorine, the water becomes unstructured and looses its vital properties intended to benefit our bodies.

How do Structured Water Units work?

The structured units are designed to mimic nature through motion and materials, it utilizes a specific flow form geometry to establish a balanced vortex motion within the water, restoring vital properties.

The Benefits of Structured Water

  • Increased energy and clarity (increased photonic and bio-field energy)
  • More resilient immune system (increased bio-available oxygen)
  • Better hydration (increased absorption through reduced surface tension)
  • Reduced toxins and radicals (alters their molecular and energetic structure and makes the less harmful)
  • Better health and well-being (significant bio-availability, trace minerals and surplus energy)
  • Smoother water and softer skin & hair (reduces water surface tension)
  • Enhanced nutrient absorption (tighter packed and more organized molecules)
  • Improved circulation and reduced swelling (increased absorption through reduced surface tension)

Structured water is vital for the health of our family.

All units are maintenance free and require no power PLUS include a 90 day product satisfaction guarantee and 10 year Warranty against manufacturer defects (from date of purchase)

Not sure which connector you need? Check out this video.

Large Unit with 1¨ NPT Standard Fitting

The unit is designed for maximum performance in whole house applications. It comes standard with 1” NPT fittings that are adaptable to any home or other piping configuration. Enjoy all the benefits of Structured Water for cooking, drinking, showers or baths, laundry, gardening, pets and so much more. With a whole house unit, you will have structured water literally at your fingertips throughout your home. Everyone benefits from the energetic properties. Licensed plumber recommended for home installations. Full Length with Connectors: 19" Actual Unit Weight: 2 lb, 2 oz


Large Unit with Metric 25 mm BSP Fitting

The unit is designed for maximum performance in whole house applications. It comes with a Metric 25 mm BSP fitting.


Large Unit with 1¨ PVC Slip On Fitting

This unit is best for the entire household. This unit includes a 1¨ PVC Slip On fitting.


Standard Unit

Designed for use in gardens and under the sink applications. Enjoy healthier plants and always have structured water handily available from the tap. Improves the water quality for the family, pets, garden and dishware. Be sure to specify applications. Comes with all the necessary fittings for the application and can be easily installed in minutes. Enjoy less infection and disease in plants, healthier plants with 20-40% ,increased biomass (bigger plants), increased nutrients and sugars in the plants, up to a 30% reduction of water needed for yard and garden, pest resistant due to plant health, hardy plants that are more resistant to drought, heat, and freezing conditions. NOTE: Fittings on the unit are 3/4" brass garden hose connectors, one end female, one end male. Weight: 1 lb, 8 oz - Length: 8 1/4"


Compact Unit

This unit is best for Showers, bath. Enjoy Soft healthy skin and hair, provides more moisture for skin and hair, eliminates itchy skin from chlorinated water, no hard water build-up in shower and assists in improving any skin conditions. This unit has a 6 ball flow-form, Weight: 7.5oz -Length: 5"


Portable Unit

The Portable Unit is the easiest way to structure water at home and on the go. Enjoy the benefits of an energy infusion of Structured Water when you’re out and about; whether in-town, at a local restaurant, or on the road traveling. Also, great for apartment living, where a whole house unit is not an option. Simply pour water through the top (large end) and point the small spout into any container to get the benefits of Structured Water. Enjoy Super hydration, Increased absorption of nutrients, Power-packed with half the structuring power of the Whole House product, Greater sense of well-being, Easy to clean and maintain (no moving parts), Structures water while traveling, Structures any bottled water, Structures juice, tea and coffee on the go. Dishwasher safe, Length: 7.5" - Actual Unit Weight: 9.5 oz


Structured Water Unit Installation Instructions

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