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It is the Spirit inside us that knows everything

The question of spirit and matter is infinite for, in other forms, spirit and matter are to be found everywhere: as man and woman, positive and negative, emissive and receptive, heaven and earth. Nothing is more important than these two principles, and if we are to avoid attaching undue importance to one of them to the detriment of the other, we have to understand the proper place and role of each.

Human beings always have a tendency to go to extremes: either they consider that only the spirit is important and this leads them to neglect matter, or they are only interested in matter and they neglect the spirit. And this is what is happening today.

What is it that makes some men and women so extraordinarily attractive?
People are only concerned with matter and, as they do nothing to imbue it with spirit, it remains inert and inanimate, whereas, if they put some life, some spirit into it, it could be highly expressive. What is it that makes some men and women so extraordinarily attractive and expressive? It is the spirit within them, the spirit that animates their matter.

Even I, such as I am here on earth… I know very little; I see very little; I am nothing at all. But sometimes I realize that, far from my brain, far from my physical body, my spirit – or, if you prefer, the entities that dwell in me – are seeing and feeling things. How often I have felt this!

My spirit whispers a few words in my ear
I cannot read people’s minds, I am not clairvoyant, but the being that is always there behind me or inside me knows everything that happens to you or in you: he knows exactly what you are thinking and all about your worries and problems and, sometimes, by chance or just for fun, he whispers a few words in my ear.

Then someone will come to me after a lecture and say, ‘How did you know what was worrying me? What you said in your lecture gave me exactly the answer I needed!’ The truth is that I knew nothing about it, but there is someone within each one of us who sees everything, knows everything and can do everything.

We are here, within the four walls of this room, but our spirits are everywhere; this is why we must give them more and more opportunity to manifest themselves through us.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, July 19, 1975

Complete Works Volume 17. Jnana Yoga Volume 1 – Know Thyself
Chapter 3, Spirit and Matter

Nov 20, 2018 09:10 pm

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Give thanks on Awakening

Let’s now return to these two important moments of the day: morning and evening. When we wake up, the first thing we should do is to thank the Lord, nothing else. The first words that we should have on our lips when we wake up are: ‘I thank you, Lord, for giving me health. You have allowed me to see, to speak, to sing, to hear, and so much more!’

You can also thank God for being able to smoke and drink beer or coffee, or whatever! The Lord blesses all these things. What is important is to give thanks, which we very seldom do.

Mind you, I have never seen a drunkard thank heaven for being able to drink copiously. ‘That would be out of the question!’ you might think. No, because it is already a blessing to be a drunkard. One who drinks could have been a murderer. But wine paralyses their bad instincts instead of awakening them. If they had not been a drunkard, perhaps they would have used their intelligence to commit crimes. But the wine has dulled their intelligence and also distorted their nose, which is connected with intelligence.

So, in the morning, when you wake up, you should thank heaven and not forget that you have a plan for each day. Say, ‘My God, I thank you with all my heart for all you give me today. Fill my heart with warmth and kindness. Strengthen my will so that I may fulfil yours, and let all my deeds be for your glory, in your name.’ After that, you can get up.

And you should get out of bed, facing forward, and not like some people do, getting out backwards, facing the bed. Getting up like this is very bad and explains why things get worse during the day. In our Brotherhood in Bulgaria, a sister told me one day that she got out of bed like this. I asked her why and she did not know.

However, everything has a reason which we should examine. And we should put the right foot on the floor first. Every movement we make as we wake up must be conscious and executed correctly. Establishing such a morning routine can be difficult and requires attention.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, 6 June, 1939

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